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2018 - "the Pearl" - in development


According to the call of international dance day 2018:

Homage to Marius Petipa / Riccardo Drigot "the pearl" ballet

in one act, playing in kingdom of neptunus.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Marius Petipa (born 1818 in Marseille) hopefully in co-operation with different dramaturges.

The Pearl was first presented in May 1896.
Petipa would revive the ballet on only one occasion for a gala performance given at Peterhof Palace in 1900. 

The Pearl was performed often throughout the early 1900s and was given its final performance in 1910, after which, it fell into obscurity.

As well as Petipa’s choreography, Drigo’s score also fell into obscurity as it was never published.

Another surviving number from Drigo’s score is the pizzicato variation for the Black Pearls, which is used
in the so-called Le Talisman Pas de deux.

I'm still looking for motivated partners / contact here. 

Premiere of the special revival will be held in 
Season 2018 / 2019.

Location of Event will be announced:
SeaSpa Summer Open Air Opera /

In this case I travel to to St- Petersburg for viewing original documents in archive of famous Vaganova academy.


2017 - "the spark of life" dedicated to the peoples in their struggle for peace and against terrorism in co-operation with Deborah Lurie (Composer USA), dedicated to the people in Ukraine in 
100 anniversary of first indipendence 2018.

I want to be brave like # 9 to stop war and pollution, look at the original of Shane Acker here:

Sounds by David Steinwedel,
music by Earganic.

"I dance Ukraine, which is a woman. She is always young, because she is always born again. A woman who was often hurt and suffered, but keeps getting up. Courageously directed against the war and the shield against catastrophes to save their children. Silver like a spark of hope that never goes out. The mother of Kievan-Rus, without me you and hope do not exist."

Inspired by Shane Acker's post-apocalyptic short film "#9" (2005) and the feature film of the same name (Tim Burton USA/Timur Bekmambetov KAZ) with soundtrack by Danny Eifman and Deborah Lurie USA) I created a new choreo / performance "the spark of life", dedicated to and to remember the people who now suffer under war or terrorism and need hope for their struggle for freedom.

In this case, I founded an artist co-operation with artists like composer Deborah Lurie (USA).

Deborah Lurie is a composer, arranger, and music producer. She is the most successful American female film composer in terms of box office (15 films grossing over $400 million).
Deborah is best known for her scores for director Lasse Hallström's films, Dear John and Safe Haven, Paramount's 2011 version of Footloose, and the all-time highest-grossing concert movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Premiere will be held on
the International Festival GrandPrixKyiv 2018

Makarova Dance Productions
All copyrights reserved
Music: Deborah Lurie (USA)
Idea / Choreo: Nicole Makarova (GER)


2017 - dance and artictic show evening with children
for children and families at "Circus Traber"
Baltic SeaSpa Dahme / Germany

in co-operation with young artists & pedagogues from "Traber Circus Dynasty"

"ELECTRIC BIRD" (2016/2017) - Revial of origin 1986
choreo Emilia Gabriel (BG) / Makarova (GER)

This choreo was designed by Emilia Gabriel for the 
GrandPrix Varna 1986, as electric funk was the music revolution.

So I decided 30 years after, for a revival, not only as an

hommage to Herbie Hanckock "Future Shock · 1983",

Much more as respect for the courage of Mrs. Gabriel, she
dared to play western music in Bulgaria with postpunk elements, during communist / soviet time and the coldest war
under the totalitarian regime of communists, which killed
dissidents also abroad in this times by intelligent services.

My respect for this taff women!

Only 3 years later they had (1989-1991) overcome the regime.

35 years ago, in September 1978, the London-based
Bulgarian exile, writer and regime critic Georgi Markov
was murdered by the communist secret service of Bulgaria
under system of KP dictator Todor Zhivkov.
see photo of: Иван Бакалов - -
"To-shism" from 1989.

Winner of IBC Varna 1986 was the ukrainian ballet-dancer
Volodimir Malakhov, 
which leaves the soviet union later
to become a star and resident of Vienna and Berlin.

In our common revival we transmit the idea of the punk and
postpunk generation, that nobody have to accept autocracies, radical governments and dictatorships..

Remember that we can fight the power !!

The revival was presented and awarded at anniversary
Xth International Ballet Competition "Golden Pointe Shoes".
in Poland 2017, where all with the Solidarnosz began.


2017 - "dance connects the world" dedicated to the WorldDanceDay 2017
Action "dance to zero hunger", Berlin
in co-operation with young artists &
choreographers from Paris & Moscow & Prague

worldwide online stream event of several stages


2015 choreographer for "dark waves" part dance & ballet
elements for Band "Nanovoice"..

in co-operation with young musican artists from Berlin & Moscow for their live tournee to new album.

Yes its a gay-band, thanks god for this creatives
"non-alpha mans", poor russia with your gay manners.