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LATEST NEWS 2017 / 2018

International Dancefilmfestival Pool18

As member of creativa art szene ofe Berlin, I am glad to folllow the Festival and the glamourous event of finalists "PEARLS 18 & ARTIST PRIZE"and their films.

The 12th edition of POOL will present from September
12-15 a selection of fascinating dance film productions from all over the world, which makes the event a meeting place for creative people involved in the fields of dance, film, fashion and advertisement.

Fromm more then 600 films, were the 12 pearls selected.
Next edition I will appply with my second edition of "spark of life" - directors cut to be active part of crearive community.
Very interesting talks about common projects with director Anna Galinova from Russia, known from
Bucharest International Dancefilmfestival.

Children's Ballet Company Berlin

Since September 1st, I am member of corps de ballet
of new founded "Children Ballet Company Berlin",
which co-operates with Staatsballet Berlin and will
trained by Professionals of Staatsballett Berlin.

Its an additional part of the educational programme of Staatsballett Berlin "Tanz ist Klasse e.V." to support Youth
in case of Ballet.

Thanks to all for establish perspectives for youth in arts and I follow to add my practical know-how after finnishing my abroad education.

watch me on stage





Cinderella (directors cut)
Israelic / German Festival of Arts
2018 - Berlin / Radialsystem V






at Staatsballett Berlin


In August intensive training week with professionals of Spanish and Nederlands National Ballett in pointe technique. Roser Muñoz, Primera Bailarina, Joan Boix

Primer Bailarín. Vincent Gross Primer Bailarín. Profesor, David Krügel ballet de flandes

In beautiful Barcelona combined with flair of mediterianian sea.







INTERVIEW for Latvian
Dance Information Center

It was a honor for me , to share in an
interview given to Latvian Dance
InIormation Centre my dreams
and opinions with the
dance community in Latvia.

Together with the board of latvian dance guild and Polina fromRrussia. We talked about our goals and the future of ballet as common cultural base for a peaceful together.

coloured = public access

In case of my studies for history and future of Dance Art, I visited the Dance Archive and Museum of Dance in Cologne to photoartist's Gerd Weigelt exhibition -> see work sample of him right:.

Yes indeed, Dance is one of the most colourful arts to
express feelings combined with foto arts....yes in b/w.

Summer with Vilnius Ballett

In July, I had common training week with professionals of Vilnius Ballett under supervision of Balletmaster Jurius Smoriginas.

In beautiful Druskininkai and an nice stage event - final concert in world known Spa and Health Resort to enjoy the Tourists.


The Symbiose of young performers of dance and music is really a great idea. I was invited by the founder to follow as special guest the festival.

It will be etablished in Berlin dance scene.

Meet the young dance scene of Portugal

In case of my project "dance connect the world"
I will dive in the very young portugesian dance
scene in one of beautifuls cities of world "Lisboa"

The National Conservatory Dance School was established 1987 and the National Ballet Company
celebrate 2018 his 40 anniversary and calls for
audititions in June 2018

Since then Portuguese dancers and choreographers have achieved an important reputation in many 
international Ballet and Contemporary dance companies and this of course has repercussions

EADCN students awards and placings for the Grand Prix Ballet Vienna and TanzOlymp Berlin Competitions.

The CNB Stage in owned a very modern Ballet Dance Theatre "Teatro Camoes§ and co-operate also with the National Opera House "Teatro Nacional de São Carlos". To dive in I will meet the Museu Nacional do Teatro e da Dança and the Instituto Portugues Do Bailado E Da Dança. More about CNB here.

at stage of Latvian National Opera & Ballet
"Annual Gala Concert of  Riga Choreography School"

On May 29, I was part of students annual concert,of Riga Choreography School which will take place on the stage of the Latvian National Opera.

This year, the Riga Choreography School graduates beautiful girls - me, Maria Burceva, Polina Chernov, Emma Laguna, Elenda Neilande, Milena Pavilch, Justin Teličen and Adelina Ustinova. Under the guidance of Pedagogue Rita Harlapa, we show our talents and professionalism will be confirmed by performing choreographic miniatures, de deux, variations and individual performances.

Already traditionally young ballet dancers and partners will be graduates of the school - Latvian National Ballet Artists. The students of the Junior and Upper Secondary School of Riga Choreography School will enrich the concert with their dance.


This year's concert is dedicated to the long-time artistic director of the Riga Choreography School Harald Ritenberg.

of "Staatsballett Berlin"

In May, I was officially appointed as a member of the
"Young Ballet Ambassadors of Staatsballett Berlin",
to help make the art of ballet more popular and
represent Berlin as a capital of dance.

MAY 2018, RIGA / LATVIA Member of Jury
International Competition of young performers "Stars 2018"

In May, I was officially appointed as a member of the jury commitee
of the international competition for young performers "Stars" for
choreography and dance. It is an honor to motivate young artists into creativity and community experiences. The International Competition "STARS" was held on 27th of May.2018 in Riga / Jurmala Latvia.
Partcipiants cames from Baltic Countries, Russia and Europe.
Thanks to all supporters and organizers, especial to Zhanna Minenkova;Board of Association "Nest" (Biedribas Ligzda)

The European Jury Commitee from 4 countries:

Kudlajeva, Darina (Riga, Latvia)
Choreographer, teacher, educational scientist publisher of
print magazine "choreograph", Owner and Board of DK Dance Theater

Makarova, Anna Nicole Isabelle (Berlin, Germany)
"Young Ballet Ambassador Staatsballett Berlin" Berlin / Germany
Editor, cultural Journalist of European and Austrian Youth Press
Choreograph, dancer and producer

Vera  Vojchenko (Minsk, Belarus)
Economic Manager and Performer Bellydance

Afanasjeva, Ksenija (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Art performer,artists manager, talent scout

APRIL 2018, RIGA / LATVIA "XIV. Riga Spring 2018"
International Competition of Choreography and Ballet

"House of Latvian Society" & "House Moscov"

Succesful participation at Riga Spring.

Presented my new choreo first time at choreographers competion (as youngest choreographer in section
of barely legal chorographers) in House of Moscov
in front of an international Jury.

Masterclasses with Alisa Kosheleva (Jazz / teacher of the Latvian J.Vitol Academy of Music, Latvia), Ekaterina Shavliashvili (Clasical - Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili Professional Opera and Ballet State Theatre, Georgia), Andrei Litvinov (Classical - Balletmaster, Director at Moldova Ballet, Head Balletmaster at Chisinau National Opera and Ballet Theatre, teacher at the Chisinau National Choreography School, Peoples artist of Moldova), Emi Hariyama (Classical- director of the Emi International Arts and professor at Kobe collage Japan), Stefania Pigato RAD Italy for(Contemporary - Choreographer and teacher of the Contemporary Dance Vicena, Italy.)

at Stage of Liepaja Theatre & live TV transmission
combined wit art project of University of Liepaja
Liepaja Theatre "Anniversary Gala Concert"

April 16th at the Liepaja Theater of the 3rd largest city of Latvia
was held the 15th anniversary concert of Liepaja Ballet and Dance.

The first part of the concert was devoted to ballet art, which will was attended by Liepaja Ballet and Dance Students, PIKC Liepaja Music, Art and Design High School Orchestra, conductor Reinis Lapa, PIKTC Latvian National Arts High School, future ballet artists,
Latvian National Ballet soloist Alexander Osadchiy.

The second part of the concert was feature percussionist rhythms accompanying by the band Transcendental. The performances of the Eastern dance, bodyART, MK Pilates method in the performance of Liepaja Ballet and Dance Students was shown. In contemporary dance, the "HOW" movement school - performed her new choreos.

During the concert, video materials and photos were be displayed
at modern art project at the University of Liepaja.

APRIL 2018, invited by "Dance Foundation Germany"
to one of Europes modernst Opera Houses in Chemnitz
for talks with Star-Choreograph Luciano Cannito (IT) and
Board / Art. Dir. of Ballet Sabrina Sadowska (CH)

I held very interesting talks with Board of German
Dance Foundation, the Art. Director of Ballet at Opera Chemnitz 
Sabrina Sadowska (CH) and Star Choreograph Luciano Cannito (IT)
during preparing Germany Premiere of his Ballet "Romeo & Julia",
as well with the casting "Julia's" Natali from Cyprus and Nella from Czech Republic. Premiere will on 12th of april.

The more then 100 years old Chemnitz Opera is
one of Europes modern Opera Houses in case of his new
technology inside

MARCH 2018, awarded by UWCF Kyiv / Ukraine at
International Ballet Competition "GrandPrixKyiv2018"
and on stage of National Opera Ukraine at Gala of Finalists

Its was such a succesful and high level event in Kyiv.

For my contribution to the festival, I was honored by main
organizer of "United World Cultures Foundation" with a award.. 

Esspecially I started there with my own choreo and
performance "The Spark of Life", dedicated to the Ukrainian.

I was very proud to present it at GalaEventEvening of Finalists in
public as a world premiere, like Vladimir Malahovs Coppelia.

Participiants were coming from Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Norway, Korea, Japan; Turkey, USA and other countries. It was so nice fair
and happy community.

Thanks to Nobuhiro Terada, people's artist of Ukraine, the director
of the international youth contest-festival “Grand Prix Kiev” for invitation and all supporters for my performance, like Deborah Lurie, Aleksandra Kolidzeja-Analte and my Mezen.

Great Masterclasses with legendar Sergei Bondur,  People's Artist of Ukraine under Supervision of Volodimir Malakhov.

MARCH 2018, ON STAGE AT 23rd
and Masterclass at 4th International
"Dance Olympiad" Riga / Latvia

It was a pleasure for me to be a part of the 23rd International Baltic Ballet Festival on stage (Latvian National Opera House) to enrich Gala Event together with excellent ballet soloists from Opera National de Paris (France), Vienna State Opera (Austria), Moscow Grand Theater (Russia), Ankara State Opera and Ballet Theater (Turkey), Bundesjugendballet (Germany), Belarusian and Lithuanian operas and ballet theaters, winners of international ballet contests from the USA, Beijing Dance Academy (China), and the Latvian National Ballet.

I was also invited to take part at the master class during the "Dance Olympiad"
- of Italian Classical Dance Technique with instructor Claudia Zaccari (Italy), and former primaballerina of Ballet di Roma / Italy and teacher at dance arts faculty
- of Vaganova Classical Dance School with instructor Maria Gippius (Italy) - former dancer at Kirov-Theater in St. Petersburg and Vaganova Ballet Academy,
- of modern dance method by Darina Kudlajeva (Latvia) Dance
show world champion, director of the Dance Theater DK, teacher of
the project HOREOGRAF, author of theorie........... as well to follow the awarding ceremony.

An I enjoyed at 7th french film festival "The Paris Opera" by Jean-Stéphane Bron - a film about the hectic daily life of musicians, dancers, technicians, but also administrative staff of the Paris Opera / by French Institute in Latvia the Republic of France’s official culture centre ... and ... in right atmosphere at Cultural House "Moskov" the life stream of Ballet "Flames of Paris" of Bolshoi Ballet Moskov.

Preyli: A small city in region of Latvia. The capital of "cheese" and I discovered during
the stage event with Bundesjugendballett, unique places of culture and art.

Very impressed I was of my visit of "Puppet Kindom" of doll artist Elena Mihailova.
Beatiful art character dolls. "Vladlena dolls" is a brand and she is honoured citizen of
Preyli and won international prizes.

Yes and Preyli have cheese art sculputure / monument... nice.

"WORLD DANCE DAY" 29. APRIL 2018 published

Watch my new project: "THE PEARL"

The official message for Dance Day 29 April 2018

Quote:>>...For 2018 I would like to propose a fresh view of the origins. It can be a very modernistic approach of a distant period, or a faithful reconstruction based in historical research, or a creation in between.

....Confucius said: Study the past if you would define the future.

Alkis Raftis

President of the International Dance Council

CID, UNESCO, Paris....<<<


And I was in a beautiful evening at Puppet-Theater of Latvia


I received an invitation to "Grand Prix Kyiv"
international Ballet Festival from Nobuhiro Terada, people’s artist of Ukraine, the director of the international youth contest-festival “Grand Prix Kiev”
and director of the Kyiv State Choreographic School

It will be held under patronat of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Maryna Poroshenko, the First Lady of in Ukraine.  19th-22nd March 2018 and supported by United Culture Word Foundation and Malakhov Foundation at National Opera House of Ukraine.

I hope to enrich in my peacekeeping mission "dance connects the world" the festival with my performance "Spark of Life" dedicated to all people which are suffering under terorism and war in world.
Premiere in Kyiv.

Thank  to all my supporters, esspecially:

artists co-operation: Deborah Lurie (USA)
Ministry of foreign affairs Germany
German Embassy Kyiv
Co-president of EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly
of EU Eastern Partnership initiative with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

President Berlin Commitee of UNESCO
President of Council International of Dance UNESCO

and "Ballettschule am Staatsballett" Berlin

"Latvian Professional Ballet Association"

The Latvian Professional Ballet Association celebrates in 2018 his 25 anniversary.

It was very nice to meet the president (and former vizemayor of Riga) of the association Mrs.Lita Beires for talks , together with the latvian section of member of CID UNESCO, Latviajas Blaeta un dejas Gilde, the cuktural institutions, she move the ballet scene of latvia.

Thank you Lita Beires for your efforts in case of preserve the art of ballet and care for artists and youth,
as well how you care about the professionals during and after their carrier.

Soon starts the 23rd International Ballet Festival in Latvia. It will be an amazing event, organized by Lita.

Dive in the dance scene of Latvia also at Latvian Horeogrāfu Asociācija.


Dear UĢIS PRAULIŅŠ - I was so proud to be a living tool in the choreography of the Brothers Grimm german story "Snowwhite" to your music in choreography of Regīna Kaupuža (created in 2005)

It was amazing, to make the vistors in "Ballet for the family" at LNOBT happy and bring glamour in the eyes of the children. Thanks.


Prestigious international festivals and competitions in Riga and Jurmala in the homeland of great dancers - Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alexander Godunov and Maris Liepa and place of common history.


In case of my Ballet studies I held very interesting talks with:


Latvian Ballet and Dance Guild – Mrs. Regīna Kaupuža


The Society "Latvian Ballet and Dance Guild" is a professional creative association, which operates in accordance with the Associations and Foundations Law, other Latvian Republic applicable laws and regulations and these Articles of Association. How Society "Latvian Ballet and Dance Guild" registered on 18 July 2005, before the public organization "Ballet and dance support fund" established on 25 February 2002.


The founders of the Latvian Ballet and the Dance Guild organize for instance the International Baltic Ballet Competition / Starptautiskā Baltijas baleta konkursa at National Opera House of Latvia and supports the efforts of Riga Choreography School as one of the leading European Schools for classical Ballet.

NGO Arabesque with director Mrs. Julija Tihomirova

Festivals of the highest choreographic level are organized by the Arabesque Children's Choreography Cultural Society with 23 years of experience in conducting festivals in Latvia and abroad;


Competitions are supported by the Riga and Jurmala City Councils, the Ministry of Culture and the Association of Professional Ballet of Latvia.


International Grand Prix / Jurmala Dance Contest


The contest is held in the recently renovated Jurmala in classics, folk or modern dance
As a result of the whole event, the jury names the winning team, which receives the Grand Prix and an invitation to Riga in March - to open the International Dance Olympics.


International Dance Olympiad Riga


A tense match of the sports spirit, which attracts thousands of participants from all over the world, from different styles - from folk and classical to hip-hop and jazz. Among the participants and guests are the winners of world and European competitions, the strongest professional and amateur ones from Russia, the near abroad and the Baltic. The event takes place in Riga.


International choreographic competition "Arabesque" festival in Jurmala


The oldest and strongest dance festival is held for 18 years in a row in the beautifully restored legendary concert hall "Dzintari", where international festivals "Jurmala. Lyme. Rendezvous "and Jūras Pērle, the" New Wave ", Comedy Club," The Voice of the Kivin "and the world-class artists perform here.

"Arabesque" - the only choreographic competition, which took a solid place in the dense summer schedule of "Dzintari." He collects the best of the best children's and youth groups from Russia, the Baltics, near and far abroad.

Competitions are supported by the Riga and Jurmala City Councils, the Ministry of Culture and the Association of Professional Ballet of Latvia.


International Children and Youth Union „EVENTUS”
public benefit organization director Mrs. Tatjana Stepanova

The union was established on 15 February 2005 for further and popularize children and youth activity in the field of choreography and art and organize events for children and youth related to choreography and art. Goals are further mental and physical development of children and youth, develop and improve communication with people and various organizations.

Promote children and youth participation in the Latvian public life and cooperation with people and organizations from other countries and youth initiative and acquisition of knowledge and skills.


Eventus organize a lot of dance festivals, for instance the Children and Youth international choregraphy competition ”Riga spring / Rigas Pavasaris”.

More about Latvian ballet dance scene at LDIC...

Most of this Societies will supported by:




In 2010, the benefactors established a family charity foundation – the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation whose aim is to support distinguished and socially important charitable initiatives.

The Teterev family are particularly keep on supporting culture, education, as well as community development organizations in cities and rural areas of the country and also on animal care programs. They help groups of people with low income and families at risk. The foundation operates internationally and supports charity projects abroad.


The benefactors, the Teterev family want to spread and promote charity ideas among other wealthy people in Latvia based on their positive and successful experience.

Boris and Ināra Teterev are the biggest private culture, education and art philanthropists in Latvia. Thank you for help to preserve art & culture like Rudenthal palace and humanitary aid.


In 2011, the Teterev Family Foundation was awarded Special Annual Prize for benefactions by the State Inspection For Heritage Protection of the Republic of Latvia, UNESCO National Commission Latvia and the association ‘ICOMOS Latvia’.


In 2011, the Foundation was awarded a diploma for high quality work for the people and significant contribution to promoting volunteer work in Latvia by the Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of the European Year of Volunteering.


All this countries, look back to a common baltic culture, very closed with germany and the german Hanse and german cultural roots of 800 years multiethnic living together with germans (prussia, kurland, livland, esthonia).

All countries have a well developed ballet scene, The tradition is young, the most started with german culture of kingdom prussia or sweden or with their first national indipence after world war I in 19th century. They all have international recognized high quality ballet competitions.


At first I followed the invitation of the Finnland National Opera Balett School in Helsinki in case of my education studies.

In year of 100 anniversaty of indipendence of Finnland from Russia,
(but still are 20% of the country carelian/salla region under russian control). The existing Ballet was formed in years of first indipendence of Kingdom of Sweden, It was a pleasure for me to meet and talk with famous dancers and with the Educational & Artistic Co-ordinator Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Wilfried Jacobs.

As well to have inside and backstage views at the Finnish National Opera and Ballethouse and follow an common German-Finnish Dance project "Magic Flutes" and the special Opera dedicated of national indipendence.


In Tallinn, Estonia is current presidency capital of European Union,
I was warmly received by the pupils of Tallinna Balletikool, to follow the Musical "Adventures of the little Icebear" in Nordea Concert House.

Of course a backstage tour in Rahvusooper Estonia/Estonian National Opera before "Nutkracker" with pupils of Balletshool starts.

Unfortunally, there was not enough time for shopping at Kamilla Dancewear, Estonians popular manufactor of ballet dance fashion.

Soon starts the Tallinn Intenational Ballet Competition and I was invited to take part in next year.


Vilnius, I went in search of history of new national Opera "Rose of Turaida" of Latvia. Based of a sad story, which tells about princes and princesses and during Kingdom Sweden's war of conquest against the multi-ethnic complex of territories of State of the Teutonic Order and Holy Roman Empire of year 962 (Kingdom of Germany, and their Lithuanian / Polish principalities of the Trakai castle and the Livlands / German principalities in the Turaida castle) in the 16th century.

In the end, the bridegroom of Princess Rosa was unfortunally killed by Polish officers. And parts of Livland were occupied by Sweden. So, after I visited already the castle of Threyden in Latvia, I was in Trakai castle - capital in middle age - at beautiful lake side, selected by principalities in case better defence, not for the nice view.

Of course I visited the National Opera House of Lithuania,
he Ballet „La Bayadere“ of Ludwig Alois Minkus / Marius Petipa,
held excellent talks with Art. Dir. Mrs. Rūta Butvilienė and
the youngest Ballet dancer Jeronimas Krivickas
of LNOBT ballet company.

My special thanks to Laūra Karnavičiūtė, member of the marketing team of LNOBT
to make this possible.

In case of my mission, I met pupils of National M.K.Čiurlionis School of Art and the Deputy for ballet studies: Mr. Eligijus Butkus to follow one of their stage events at SokioTeatras "Allegro"..

I will follow their invitation to spend my next summer holidays
in Ballet Summer Camp of Lithuania in beautiful countryside of

As every summer, the artistic director of the choreographic projects "The Ballet of Vilnius" Jurijus Smoriginas invites all dance lovers to the summer dance camp in Druskininkai, entitled "Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Sport Dance, Latin American Dance and Jazz Secrets."

Vilnius is also a international recognized centre of nordic dance research community at
Lituvos Musikos ir Teatro Akademija.

More about dance / ballet scene n Lithuania:

Stockholm - unique city of dance

In November 2017 I followed the invitation of the Royal Swedish Opera., the Operansballetklubben, as well the "Dansenshus" - the center for dance, the Royal Ballettschool and the Rolf de Maré Study Center in Stockholm / Sweden in case of my education studies.

The Royal Swedish Ballet School and Ballet Academy has a leading position in the world of ballet and are among one of the oldest academies of its kind with its 250 years of tradition. The Royal Ballet was founded in 1773 by King Gustaf III. and is the fourth-oldest ballet ensemble in the world (after the ensembles in Paris, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg).


It was an honor for me to meet and talk with famous dancers in Balletklubben Artists Foundation and with the head of the boards Helen Wigle and the former artistic director for classical ballet at KSB Margareta Lindström. For my special interest in swedish ballet I used the Rolf de Maré Study Center.
Rolf de Maré was a Swedish art collector and leader of the Ballets Suédois in Paris in 1920–25. In 1933 he founded the world's first museum for dance in Paris.

In case of modern ballet I was at "Dansenshus" - the center for dance in Stockholm - to see “Nutcracker Reloaded“ and meet the young star choreographer Fredrik Benke Rydman (known of modern “Swan Lake” and „Nötknäpparen“).

Yes, Sweden has a well developed ballet education, The Royal Ballet School, the DOCH School of Dance and Circus at Stockholm University of Arts (former “Koreografiska institutet”).

In Begin of 2018, the former director of Royal Ballet Johannes Oehman start (together with Mrs. Sasha Waltz) as new director of the Staatsballett Berlin, fresh nordic ideas blow soon over the stages in Berlin.

The education of Swedish Ballet Expert Johannes Öhman started at Royal Ballet School and at DOCH. Öhman studied also in Paris at teachers such as Franchetti, Damianov, Rasch. “The Royal Swedish Ballet” engaged him in 1987 where he was appointed soloist in 1991. Johannes Öhman has worked as a teacher with The Cullberg Ballet, was leader of the Academy of Ballet in Stockholm and The Royal Swedish Ballet (since 2011). His charity action for fukushima – my respect, welcome and good luck at Staatsballett Berlin.


Yes, indeed, in showbusiness and as actor and photomodell is important part of the work:

make-up, dressing and hairstyling, to underline the role/character.
In this case I was at "Baltic Beauty International Fair", for practical doing with experts.

The most ambitious and magnificent beauty industry event in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries that offers the latest beauty products, information on beauty trends and expert advice.

With Exhibition of more than 320 participants from 11 countries offering both professional cosmetics and equipment, as well as consumer products. Competitions and master classes

of young talented and experienced masters which show their skills, dexterity and originality
in over 50 professional competitions and Seminars and conferences.

International and local experts share the current trends in five large-scale beauty industry conferences and a number of seminars.


I received, as producer of dance films & cultural event manager / journalist an invitation of Dock11 to "POOL 17" - the 11th edition.

As a starter in film business, i did'nt espect to winning an award for my first film, but to win experiences and extend my network.

Since 10 years is POOL an international festival for dance film in Berlin and offers space for the mutual exchange of experiences, development, training, and production prospects.

Every year POOL presents a selection of fascinating videodance productions from all over the world, which makes the event a meeting place for creative people involved in the fields of dance, film, fashion and advertisement.

POOL is a platform for films which picture dance not as a simple documentation, but rather create choreographies exclusively for, and with, the camera. POOL focuses on the intense interplay between dance and the techniques of film, exploring the possibilites and boundaries of the art form.

The POOL jury will create a film programme from all submissions and select the winner films, the PEARLS. PEARLS are the equal winners of POOL – INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN.

So, maybe my next film is a revival of "The Pearls" a ballet film based on Marius Petipa
and Riccardo Drigot story, beatiful historical site, idea was born in may 2017 and
storybook is in work. Visit my projectpage "Crowdfounders welcome".

End october I will go for negotiations for funding to Moviestudios
Potsdam Babelsberg / Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH.

JUP.Berlin - the Number one of capital's youth magazine - I received an official appointment as foreign correspondent of the press for the Baltic region. 

As accreditated journalist for associations "Young Press Germany" / "Young Press Austria"
and "European Youth Press" and their newsagencys, my network reaches more than 60,000 young journalists across Europe and professional infrastructure.  My projects will published at European level in MO (2017): Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Malta, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Armenia, Russian Federation


The ZIS Foundation is based in Salem together with the international recognized private highschool with 600 students from over 40 countries, the largest and most internationally renowned German private boarding school. Motto "BUILDING CHARACTER"


The basic idea is to encourage young people regardless of gender, nationality, religion, educational background or material circumstances, to decide for an international study trip on by a jury selected topics.


Inspired by Shane Acker's post-apocalyptic short film "9" (2005) and the feature film of the same name (Tim Burton USA/Timur Bekmambetov KAZ) with soundtrack by Danny Eifman and Deborah Lurie USA) I created a new choreo / performance "the spark of life",
dedicated to and to remember the people who now suffer under war and
need hope for their struggle for freedom.

In this case, I founded an artist co-operation with artists like composer Deborah Lurie (USA).

Deborah Lurie is a composer, arranger, and music producer. She is the most successful American female film composer in terms of box office (15 films grossing over $400 million).

Deborah is best known for her scores for director Lasse Hallström's films, Dear John and Safe Haven, Paramount's 2011 version of Footloose, and the all-time highest-grossing concert movie,Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

She has also written additional music for many scores by Danny Elfman, including Wanted, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland, and has provided string arrangements on hits for The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and more.

In 2015, she received the ASCAP Shirley Walker Award.


Meet and learn from the top profis: After high level lessons with ballet experts like Jo Vogl (GER p. of John Cranko), Emilia Gabriel (BG), Wieslaw Dudek (PL) and Uran Azymov (BY), Oleg Danovski Jr. and Elisabeth Pandichi Lux (RO), David Simic (SRB p.of Vladimir Malakhov) and Viara Natcheva (BG - form. Primaballerina) and Elodie Esteve (FR) - all corps de Ballet Staatsballet Berlin, in first half year 2017, I follow up my education at internationally recognized Riga Choregraphy School, which teaches in closed co-operation with the Vaganova Academy with great Agrippina Vaganova methodes. Since 2006- 2015 they developed together with all baltic ballet academies (LV, LT, EST, RU) a common standards
or high level education of dancers foundet by EU (ESF).

I will study at the Riga Choreography School traditional, academic subjects, as well as specialised subjects in ballet and will use the opportunity to attend ballet performances
at the Latvian National Opera House. The Riga Choreography School has a world-wide reputation as a leading ballet school. Many famous dancers, including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Aleksander Gudonov, John Markovskis and Māris Liepa, all began their careers in Riga.

After a guest stage episode in Riga 2013, I am back again.

Of course, i followed the invitation of Latvian National Opera and Ballet, to visit
many ballet productions and meet personally the artistic director Aivars Leimanis and 
young ballet stars like Karlis Cirulis - he is just 18 years old - and Yulia Brauer for very
interesting talks, how they started their dance career.

Planned are trainings at Royal Dance School Stockholm and Vaganova Academy St. Peterburg /.Russian Federation, both cities of art, with unique cultural potential for
professional and general aesthetic education and ballet tradition with over 250 years.


"Give the Youth in Ukraine hope and future", this was the topic of my talks with Malakhov Foundation of living Ballet Legend Volodimir Malakhov.. We share common ethnic roots, the love the ballet and children - thats a good base - It was a great pleasure for me and I looking forward of further, co-operation to preserrve the art of ballet for our future generations.

In 2014 Vladimir Malakhov founded the "Malakhov Foundation", which is committed to the promotion of art and dance. Every two years will be awarded a European Ballet Prize named after the dancer Marie Taglioni (1804-84), which is characterized by young talents and top performances.

Born in Ukrainian Krivoi Rog, Vladimir Malakhov began his dance education at the age of four at the ballet school of his home town. He is honorary citizen of Kyiv in his homeland and takes over the patronage of the festival of children's and youth choreography there, as well as honorary professor of the Ukrainian Academy of Choreography.

In February 2013, he was awarded the Pushkin medal for cultural achievements. In the summer of the same year he received the title of Honorary Professor of the Beijing Dance Academy. The following year, the Berlin Senate met in Berlin in January 2014.

The Malakhov Foundation grants scholarships, grants allowances and grants for training and medical activities and supports exchange programs and cultural institutions.

Young talents, which we see, do not always get the attention they need to develop optimally. In addition, the Foundation looks after the support of sick dancers.

We would like to mention his former colleague and first soloist Nadja Saidakova, in 2015 about the distress of ballet schoolmakers at the State Ballet School in Kiev, and donated dancing shoes to the dancers and the direction of the Staatsballetts Berlin. In total about 200 pointe shoes from the Staatsballett Berlin, and from the dancers of the company were personally donated and sent by Nadja to the students of the State Ballet School in Kyiv.


Coppelia / Sleeping Beauty and Carnival of Animals: After successful premiere at Festival in Frankfurt and Berlin 2016 - now back again in Berlin. See me in different roles at stage.

Withe ensemble of Ballettschulel am Staatsballet by David Simic, approved pedagogue of Royal Academy of Dance and member of corps de Ballet State Ballet Berlin.


Dreamfactory Circus OH - at artistic dynasty Traber, with 300 Years Circus and Artistic tradition- known for their world records in the high-rope artistry and the magical shows -
2 weeks on stage and involved as trainer with artistic show performances in baltic seaspa Dahme / Holstein. Supported by Foundation of German "Fernsehlotterie".

Both events were charity actions for childrens and their families and supprted for free
by myself and my contrybution to support the German Relief Society.


I was following the invitation of National Opera Bucharest, for talks with the Italian Art. Director of Corps the Ballet (former director Opera Vienna) about Youth and Ballet;

as well to visit the museum about the great tradition of Ballet in Romania and a performance. The corps de ballet, were to this time at National Opera Timisoara in
german/hungary speaking part of Romania, to support the "Gala of little Ballerinas" by Music of Piotr Ilici Tchaikovski, Ludwig Minkus, Johann Strauss, as well for guest performances.

Before that, I spent 10 days studying the special features of the methodology of the Romanian Ballet School, which has produced many stars. From the legends of the Romanian Ballets: Oleg Danovski Jr. and Elisabeth Pandechi Lux.

Oleg Danovski Sr.( Founder of Romanian style of Ballet a Russian-German (von Hildebrand) in Romanian exil, depends the communists-revolution
in Russia and became under a new name (Oleg Danovski) a ballet legend.
He has appeared on all major world stages, such as the Balsoi Theater, the
Milan Scala Opera House
 or the Metropolitan New York, and under his leadership,
the Romanian ballet has enjoyed unprecedented success and recognition abroad
during cold war & under communist regime.


I am very proud to received intensive lessons of Oleg Danovski and from the
world famous Romanian-German Primaballerina Elisabeth Pandichi Lux -
(personal trainer of Diana Georgia Ionescu and was winning with her the
IBC GrandPrix Lousanne in 2017).

A simple indication of Romania's leading role is also the fact that the stores of the ballet fashion brand "Sa****a" exist only in New York, Paris. London, Melbourne, Moscov, Budapest, Oslo, Prague, Amsterdam. Barcelona, St. Petersburg and Bucharest.

Dear Oleg, thank you for our friendship. For the work of your Foundation for Youth and Ballet, I wish you every success. I would like to express my thanks in the name of the many dancing children and teenagers.


In city of Ballet, the former historical Tomis - biggest Portcity at Black Sea Constanta Romania, home of TNOB "Oleg Danovski" Opera House, the University OVID, with devision of performing dance and arts and State Balletschool "Regina Maria"

i had very succesful participated.

At IBC "Black Sea" I won a 1st and 2nd prize and a Special Award of Opera Rousse (BG).


..World Map of Dance: 3 main cities of classical ballet lie on the Black Sea:

- Varna - Sotchi - and - Constanta -.

More than 100 year tradition of classical ballet and known as the source of 2000 years
European culture (Ovid) and home of Roman ballet style (developed by ballet legend 
von Hildebrandt - alias Oleg Danovski).

Fundación Telefónica | International

"Awakening ideas awakens the future"... the motto of Fundación Telefónica | International, which had an initiative together with the national German Childrens and Youth Foundation to support young people by developing their own projects in case of
"act together and social responsibility". Many thanks for the Award again,

So, my new project "dance connect the world - the film" (documentary) can start.


I am proud about this and its a pleasure for me, finally - it helps help other
and preserve ballet for future generations to make it popular.


In former capital of Moravia the Ballet in Olomouc have a great tradition since time
of K&K monarchy and is world known.

Yearly will held the "Ballet Days", with special Award's "Grand Prix Award" to young ballet artists and the IBC "Grand Prix".

I was selectetd and starting for "Ballettschule am Staatsballett" and took part at IBC, succesfully and was winning a 2nd prize and a special Award for my performances
by international Jury.

Founder & head of Jury Art. Dir. of Ballet Robert Balogh (Moravian Theatre and
Opera House) is known by winning international world championship prices of his excellence choreographys with his ballet company, TV Ballet shows and other,.

At the Tokyo Choreography Competition in 1991 among 156 participants from all over the world, he was awarded the third prize. In 1994 he won the golden medal at the competition in Jackson, U.S.A. I n 2006 his choreography wins the gold and bronze
medal on The World Championship for talented children in USA ( Los Angeles – Hollywood). Next success come in 2007 on the World Championchip in USA. His choreography wins the gold, silver and bronze medal.

His choreograpys Lady of Camelias for National Theatre in Prague was adopted
by Ankara State Opera in Turkey and Lodž State Theatre in Poland.


After my project has been awarded by German Youth and Childrens Foundation and Telefonica Foundation in 2016, i received a award of CID UNESCO Paris by president
Dr. Alkis Raftis. This is motivation, to start my follow up film project in June 2017.

The International Dance Council CID is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

The CID is recognized by UNESCO, national and local governments, international organizations and institutions. It brings together the most important international, national and local organizations, as well as select individuals active in dance.


It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based.


Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in over 170 countries.

MOTTO AND KEY ACTION "Dance to Zero Hunger

This year the International Dance Council CID joins forces with the World Food Program WFP to create Dance to Zero Hunger, a project promoting healthy eating through dance and education. WFP offers meals to 80 million people in 80 countries:

Healthy eating and dance go hand in hand in encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
We want to promote food security and Zero Hunger in all countries.


Schools will create small dance programs for children to realize the importance of food security and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Young dancers will have the opportunity to follow training and be certified after completing 150 hours of dance classes.

Participating schools will create choreography focusing on the importance of food security and achieving zero hunger, that will be showcased in celebrations of International Dance Day (29 April) and World Food Day (16 October). WPF, CID and UNESCO will launch their partnership with a media campaign and an event in Paris.

The project will promote food security, educate children about the importance of healthy eating, provide vocational opportunities and advocate for achieving zero hunger, through dance.

I had organized an international online stream (youtube) dance event in my channel to support this efforts,with partners in Moscov, Paris, London & Prague, publshed at 
Council International of Dance/UNESCO Danceday offiical panorama..
More information see my projects website.


At 10th aniversary of IBC "Golden Ponte Shoes" 2017 in Poland, an international recognized competition in ballet and choreography for best graduates of professional
ballet schools of europe, So, I was selected and starting for "International dance Academy"

"Best Graduate of Ballet Schools in Poland 2017" and the Final Gala of Ballet Stars, which
is organized by the Ballet Foundation Szczecin Poland which is open since ten years for graduates of Ballet schools in Europe and the World. It will end yearly with the finale to honor the World Dance Day. The competition is organized in partnership with the Association of Polish Artists, Art Education Centre, Institute of Music and Dance and the Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida.

Patronage of the competition took: Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Marshal of the West Pomeranian and the Mayor of Szczecin. The competition was permanently inscribed in the calendar of events of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

I could place me successfully as youngest qualified graduate under top 10 and was awarded. Beatiful trophy I had ever seen, compliment to the designer of this special and limited edition.

The traditional ballet nations were represented, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.


In April, I followed the invitation of the organizers and the Baltic State Opera in Gdańsk, as a princess of honor to the anniversary and finale of the XX. Polish Ballet Competition of best graduates of professional ballet schools.

XX National Dance Competition in Gdansk im. Wojciech Wiesiołłowski

Jubilee edition of the National Dance Contest named after Wojciech Wiesiołłowski.


The history of ballet competitions in Poland dates back to 1959. In postwar reality Poland was the first country in Europe to take this initiative. The first and second competitions took place in Warsaw. After a few years' break, Bronisława Aubrecht Prądzyński The competition was moved to Gdańsk, where from 1979 it is organized regularly every two years. In 1997, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage decided to grant Wojciech Wiesiołłowski, one of the most outstanding Polish dancers, the All-Polish Dance Competition.

During my visit I took part at Polish-German-Ukrainian conference under supervision of the government of Federal Republic Germany and Republic of Poland
(DMK / European Solidarity Center) in case of peace keeping in Eastern Europe /
conflict in Ukraine..

This was the 2nd Polish - German conference, after the 1st in Berlin in January/February
- "Girl's Bite" a Seminar on the enforcement of interests under patronage of the government of Federal Republic Germany and Republic of Poland of
Culture and Foreign Policy
The German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW) supports the German-Polish youth exchange
in terms of encounter programmes, placements and programmes for young people from Germany and Poland. A further function is the consultation in conceptional and technical issues of the German-Polish youth exchange as well as the information about the respective partner country. The DPJW is engaged in the fields of:

extension and consolidation of existing youth exchange programmes
facilitation of new initiatives, information and consultation, organisation of seminars and conferences, programmes for journalists, language courses, publications, lobbying and public relations.
Therefore the mutual understanding should be advanced, prejudices relieved and contributed to the conciliation between Germans and Poles.


In February, I followed a invitation in case of efforts of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany and the joint statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey. W. Lawrow and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic, Frank Walter Steinmeier (current president of the Federal Republic of Germany) on March 23, 2016 for the implementation of a German-Russian Year of Youth Exchange 2016/2017, as well as the Agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in youth policy of 21 December 2004.

I was visiting the Novosibirsk State Choreographic School (established in 1956 with the goal of training personnel for the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater) and as a guest
of the government, of course I attended the opera & ballet of Novosibirsk to a great performance of ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76 "Swan Lake".

Motto: Approach through dialogue, progress through mutual understanding.

JANUARY,  Germany - German/Polish
training week - speaking and theatreworkshop

To extend my knowledge in the field of express thinks not only with the language of dance, I toked part at one week workshop for rhetorical and theattrework.

The "Girls Bite programme" is esspecially to develop skills for girls to come in public front
and sponsored by DPJW..

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